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Andreas Kuhne - Federleicht
Roland F. - Komm zurück (C-Base Remix)
Julian Haag - Mein Lieblingsmovie
Arno Verano - Passagier
Silvano Giganti - Nur mit Dir (C-Base Remix)
Rüdiger Schima - Bis zum letzten Atemzug
Pures Party Glück - Ein Diamant (C-Base Remix)
Pures Party Glück - Ein Diamant
Er & Er - Was Liebe ist
Damiano Maiolini - Solo Tu (C-Base Remix)
Rebecca Weiss - Brennendes Herz (C-Base Remix)
Damiano Maiolini - Solo Tu
Julian Haag - Wie ein Blitz
Mark Ed -Weihnachten mit Dir (C-Base Mix)
Saphira - Frei zu Sein (C-Base Mix)
Alisha - Herzblind (C-Base Remix)
Bianca Schnelle - Wer kann dir schon widerstehn (C-Base Remix)
Saphira - Frei zu sein
C-Base - Superstring 2021
Saphira - Just 4 You (remastered)
Roland F. - Mit Dir (C-Base Mix)
C-Base Single - Hungry Eyes
C-Base  -Lift me Up 2021 remastered
C-Base - In The Beginning (remastered)
C-Base Remixes for the New Twenty 4 Seven Single "Do You Want Me"
Klubbingman - Another Day Another Night
C-Base - Lift me Up
Rio & Juliano - Don't Walk Away
Mario Lopez - Always and forever
Mario Lopez - Sadness
Mario Lopez - You came
Saphira - Just 4 You
Yamboo - Oh Susanna
Mario Lopez - The one and only
Thomas Petersen - Time will come again
Yamboo - Sing Hallelujah
Dave Soerensen - For You
Steve Murano - Station
Mr Malo S' Express
Dave Soerensen - Kill For Love
Mr Philips - Stay Alive
New Level - Tell Me
Oliver DeVille - Silent Running
Beat System - What's going on (Remix)
Marc v. Linden - Sturm der Nacht
Mario Lopez - Blind (Remix)
Oliver Deville - Wondergee
Martillo Vago - Porque No?
Mario Lopez - Music For The masses (Album)
Clubface -Without You
The Galanpixs - Acid Anger (Remix)
Aquaflex - Silence
Belmond & Parker - On the Move (RMX)
C-Base - Into a fantasy
Hemstock & Jennings - Santiago
4You - Hold Me feat.Tony T.
ICQ -Without Me
C-Base - In the Beginning
Italo Allstars - The World is You
Jumanji - It's a Dream
L.E. Project - Mystic Spirits (Remix)
Mario Lopez - Another World
Mario Lopez - I Believe
Markus F - Turn the page
Beat System - No Limit 97
Guenta K - Pussy Killer
Roni Meller feat. Dee Dee - The Day
Guenta K - The Phantom
Black Nero - The Rhythm
Black Nero - Hot Temptation